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Our school is directly located at The Lower Saxon Wadden Sea National Park  -
a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This modern college in the north of Germany (in the federal state of Lower Saxony) looks back on a 110-year-history.

Under one roof we combine various types of school, part- and full-time vocational schools, technical schools and higher vocational schools leading to university entrance. We focus on the fields of economy and administration, health, nutrition, home economics, food and hotel industry, social sciences and technical fields (e.g. information technology).

We are an innovation and future oriented centre specializing in automotive engineering, as well as HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems) and sanitary technology.

We offer the young people of our region a large variety of educational opportunities which in some cases include work experience (vocational schools) as well as classroom based courses that prepare our students for jobs in the industry as well as university studies.

Currently, in the technical departments of BBS, a variety of educational and skill-based actions are being carried out, necessary for the manufacturing plants of offshore wind power stations.

Presently about 2400 students attend our schools, taught by 150 teachers.

From October 2003 until the end of 2010 we took part in a pilot project called "Vocational colleges in Lower Saxony as regional centres of excellence" (German abbreviation: ProReKo). The aim of this project was to create the opportunity for vocational colleges in Lower Saxony to develop into qualifying centres in their local areas.